A day

1 May

Morning started off rough, migraine.  Am 99.9% sure it is weather induced since it was raining early this morning.  Got to work at 9am, printer server was down (again), got that back up and working.  Crazy busy day at work, but I knew it would be before going in… beginning of the month is always busy, plus with the IT stuff going on it makes it really crazy busy.

Trying to get my school mentor to approve my retaking of my final exam was a nightmare, I actually ended up calling the school and requesting a new mentor, I am extremely frustrated with mine.  I got to a point of frustration that I sent her an email stating that perhaps I was the only “stupid” student she had that has failed an assessment and perhaps that is why she couldn’t hit the button that says “approved to retake” which is what I was told by the school needed to be done.  This wasn’t my only frustrating experience with her, so I felt good about requesting a new one, just hope it gets put in place before my weekly phone appointment with the mentor.  My other issue with her was when she decided to “preach” to me when I was going through a difficult time during the anniversary of my mom’s death and also when a dear friend had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  It was a rough patch.  Having someone preach to me about where my faith was and telling me where to turn to in times of trouble was not something I would think was professional from a school mentor.  REALLY threw me off and I felt it was really not appropriate.  To her I am just a number, she doesn’t know much about my life.  I am required as part of this school to talk to the mentor once a week (soon to be once every two weeks).  It helps in holding the students accountable and on track which is a good thing as long as you like and respect your mentor.  The person I spoke with in the student services office was extremely nice and helpful and even calmed me down as I started to cry in frustration.  I sent her a email thanking her for her professionalism and for helping me to believe that WGU is still a good fit and that requesting a new mentor was not a big deal and she would get me another one.

Still been listening to Josh Nelson Project and really finding peace in the lyrics and am trying to focus on that during my times of frustration.  I could not find the lyrics online to the song “Seven” by him, so I listened to it and typed them up.  Here are the lyrics to that song:

Seven by Josh Nelson


Friday morning

Friday morning I am empty.

Torn and tired from the course

Falling farther from the source

Baby don’t you know it’s a big world

And it’s big enough to lose me

And so take the time to choose me

To give myself a chance to start again



Seven days take my worries

Taking time to catch my breath

Seven days start me over

Slow me down and clear my head.


It’s a long way

It’s a long way back to find you

When memories that remind you are everywhere

They are everywhere you turn

There’s a little light

That lays a shadow on the night

Reminding us to make it right

To take a chance to turn ourselves around



Seven days take my worries

Taking time to catch my breath

Seven days start me over

Slow me down and clear my head


I am waiting the sunset.

I am waiting for the peace

I am waiting for this holy moment.

For a moment of release



Seven days take my worries

Taking time to catch my breath

Seven days start me over

Slow me down and clear my head

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