A long day

2 May

Went into work at 6am today as I had to restart the server before anyone else got in.  Was crazy busy and before I realized it, 2pm came and I realized that I was hungry!!  Grabbed a quick bite to eat and then back to work.  Next thing I know it was 5:30.  Time flew by, and I got a ton of stuff done, but it was a crazy one to say the least!!  11.5 hours later I am home and exhausted.

Tomorrow morning I have my orthopedic appointment, should find out if I am going to need minor knee surgery or not.  Hoping for not, but based on past experience, it woudl not surprise me if it is needed.  Fortunatley it would be minor surgery I am thinking (but alas, I am not a doctor).

Just got an email from school, exam is scheduled for the 14th, which I am really happy about (as happy as one can be for having to take a final exam for the second time).  Need to start studying from scratch I think, I think starting notes from scratch is going to be a good option.  Tomorrow at work I will print the chapters from the text book that are needed instead of trying to read them again on the computer screen.  So I will be able to highlight and such.

69 days drug free and 1 day self injury free (not much but its a start)


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