The cause versus The faith

2 Oct

As an update and continuation of my last post…

After numerous attempts to try to reach out to different people within Susan G Komen and trying to get ahold of Nancy Brinker herself, I am happy to say that she herself actually called me. I had a 15 minute conversation with the founder herself in which I was able to express my concern with regards to the 8 Race for the Cure events being held on Yom Kippur. To my surprise, she was only aware of 1 (the one in Houston which has gotten the most negative coverage). She asked me to share with her which the other cities were, which of course I had no problem rattling them off as I had been sending letters to those local affiliates to quesiton their decision to hold the event on the 4th. Before my phone call with Mrs. Brinker, I had received a call from the Chief Marketing Officer for Susan G Komen whom I have gotten to know as he is on event at every 3 Day. He was very compassionate and told me that they are now putting a policy in place that states that the local affiliates have to get prior date approval from Komen headquarters prior to the scheduling of their Race for the Cure event to prevent this from happening again. I joked with him for a moment about the fact that he was able to move an entire 3-Day in Philly because of Yom Kippur, but was shocked that local Race for the Cure events couldn’t do the same. He laughed and actually shared that thought.

Back to the phone call with Mrs. Brinker, she expressed her sincerest apologies numerous times. She wished me and my family a Shana Tovah (Happy New Year). She also wished me an easy fast for Yom Kippur. And then she thanked me for the over $8K I had raised for the San Diego 3-Day thus far. And she mentioned how impressed and thankful she was that my partner and I had both raised over $8K so far as crew members and thanked us for our dedication. Now I assume she got that information from the CMO at Komen, but the fact that she took the time to know those details made that phone call a little more special.

Now onto the real reason I decided to write today. Where does one draw the line between supporting a cause and following their faith? It cannot just be a matter of convenience. I read articles yesterday from people in our region who are Jewish and are trying to figure out how to address being able to watch the playoff games that the Orioles and the Nationals would be playing in. Someone commented and said to DVR the games, a person came back jokingly and said “I can DVR Yom Kippur?!?!” This isn’t a holiday that just pops out of no where. While yes, it is not the same day each year such as Christmas Day, or even the same general day, like Labor Day being the first Monday in September, it is a date that you can find out the day for well in advance (which was one of my points to Komen, along with the warning that Yom Kippur falls on a Saturday again in 2017). Yom Kippur is the HOLIEST day within the Jewish faith, one that is honored with a 24 hour fast, one that is spent in services, it is the Day of Atonement where we atone for our sins both against G-d and others, it is the day we are inscribed into the book of life for another year… how does any of that sound like a holiday that should be treated as matter of convenience by anyone of the Jewish Faith? With the understanding that we are not to do anything to our bodies that may harm them, there are those that must refrain from a full fast as it would be harmful to their bodies. There are those that have no choice but to work or could possibly lose their employment, albeit sad, that too I understand all too well. Here is what I don’t understand however, Jews that say “I’m going to take this year off” or in the case of this blog entry, those that are in training for a 3-Day that will not take one Saturday off to attend services and to fast in lieu of doing a training walk… they are choosing to put the cause over their faith (my opinion). Perhaps it is because I CHOSE to be Jewish. I was not born into a Jewish home, is it possible that my thoughts are different? I FULLY understand that cancer does not take a day off, but either does G-d.

Enough rambling, my thoughts are all jumbled in my head as to why I feel the way I do and so that is why I figured it was best to just write it here where very few if anyone reads.

The Cause vs Faith

The Cause vs Faith

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