Faith vs Komen

16 Sep

I am finding myself needing to choose. I no longer feel like I can have both after the discovery of what Komen has now done. I have written the following letter to Susan G Komen in hopes of having my feelings read, I also sent it to Nancy Brinker’s facebook page via private message, although I am certain it is not her that keeps that up to date, I did feel that I at least tried. My letter reads as follows:

Dear Komen Staff,

I am curious if you can give me some details as to why you decided to host Race for the Cure events in 8 cities on the holiest of Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur? It is not possible to say that you did not know it was going to be Yom Kippur when planning the event, as it is possible to give you the dates for the next 5+ years of when the Jewish holidays will take place, ESPECIALLY the High Holy Days. Does the Jewish community mean that little to Susan G Komen? Your founder, Nancy Brinker and her sister Susan Komen were born into a JEWISH FAMILY. How can this not matter? How could this just be “overlooked”? I have participated in the Race for the Cure as well as completing 8 Susan G Komen 3-Day events and coming up on my 9th. Because of Komen research and grants, I had more time with my mom before cancer stole her from me. Because of Komen, Bridget Spence had 8 more years with her family, got to marry her college sweetheart and got to make an impact on more lives that anyone will ever realize. However, it is things like this that make me shake my head and question if I am participating for the right cause? Now you can just ignore this and feel like you are just losing one individual in participation and that may be true, but I also take with me a passion greater than you know for this cause, for Komen, but without my FAITH, I am nothing. I reiterate again, you planned 8 Race for the Cure events on the holiest of holidays in the Jewish community… 8! What will you do to change my mind that Komen is the right place to keep my passion and my fundraising and my efforts?

Sincerely yours from someone who truly does believe that Everyone Deserves a Lifetime,
Lori Ann Olson

I am feeling both infuriated and defeated and lost all at once. This feeling is horrible.

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