A mom moment

16 Sep

Friday afternoon I was driving to the beach as I was doing the ALS walk Saturday morning. Rehoboth is the beach we used to go to as a family when I was a kid. I don’t recall if we went every summer, but I do know we went several times to Rehoboth. It is also the last “great memory” with mom as I took her 3 years ago this month as she wanted to “see the ocean”… So as I was getting close to the beach I started to get more and more emotional. I had my iPod on shuffle and as I was a few miles away from the beach the song I used for my moms memorial service started to play… I immediately looked to the heavens and said “thanks mom”. It was also then that I passed a cemetery called gates to heaven. It was one of those, mom looking out for me moments.

Friday night I was walking along the boardwalk and passed by right where this photo was taken:

I walked by the first time and just sort of glanced over in that direction, but as I turned around and started walking by again and passed it for the second time, I stopped, got emotional as I miss her everyday. I had been back to Rehoboth since she passed, but not spent time alone where I was able to really reflect. It was bitter sweet I would say.

Saturday morning I got up so I could go down to the beach to watch the sunrise and spend some time just reflecting. It was peaceful, this time of year the beach isn’t crowded with the summer people, so it was fairly quiet, listening to the waves crash and looking up to the sky waiting for the sun to peak out from behind the clouds, which it seemed to be having a hard time doing. It did eventually peak out, here is one of the shots I got of it:


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