Wednesday was a good day

13 Sep

I found myself in a particularly good mood yesterday after I left work.  I ran an errand during lunch and ran into one of the board members for the organization I used to coach for.  He told me that even though I have been gone for 3 years I still get the most requests from parents and kids to be their coach (in case I happen to be coaching that year).  Even the younger ages who had older siblins I coached he said.  That was truly a “feel good” moment. 

The trip to the psychatrist went fine, got my meds adjusted again, but I am getting used to that.  Just trying to find the right combo I guess to help me feel mainstreamed. 

Sat and watched baseball with G for a bit last night instead of retreating straight to the guest room, so that also was good.

Got the remaining credit card accounts straightened out and the creditors agreed to take 70 cents on the dollar on 2 of them and 60 cents on the dollar on the 3rd one… so I am able to not press fraud charges against my brother.  I filled out the request online to take a loan from my 401K and that should hit my account in the next week or so and then I can pay off all the cards.  I selected to pay my 401K back over 48 months (the max) so that my payments would be as low as possible, although I do plan to try to pay it back faster once the dust settles and I figure out what my next step in life will be.

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