11 Aug

Drove to Baltimore today to fix a computer at one of our sales offices, got there and fixed that one and at the same time the computer monitor in the second office quit working so I had to drive to Columbia to pick up a new monitor at the office and then back to Baltimore. Longer day than I was hoping for a “day off”.

Worked on matting some photography tonight, that was ok, I need to get better at color matching prints to mats.

Made it thru the day medication free. So I can say day 1 is done (again). Not feeling the greatest the last 24 hours, heart doing that racing thing since last night. Freaked out a bit by it, but doctors were not too alarmed when it happened before so I guess it’s fine.

Very much enjoyed and needed last nights Shabbat service, will type more on that later.

Thoughts and prayers to family and friends who are dealing with so very much right now…

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