Ah, sleep

17 Jul

Amazing how one’s mental state is better after sleep. Took an ambien last night and slept fairly well. Woke up with a headache, so decided to sleep more. Been sleeping on and off thus far today which has been good. Starting to accept that things need to change and that I should not go back to back to being in an unsafe environment. Head is starting to clear and realize how bad things did indeed get and that there are “options” for me which is nice, I just need to be able to accept the “options” and realize I can’t change my world overnight.

I also need to realize that I don’t need to rush into anything, that I need to take some time and figure out what is truly healthiest and safest for me.

Again, amazing that things are clearer when the body is rested and in a safe environment.

Will never be enough words to thank those that have helped me in this current speed bump of life.

Today marks 145 days. 35 more days to the 6 month mark.

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