15 Jul

I am not sure my body/mind understand that it is in a safe place and should allow itself to rest and sleep. I have been at TDMs for two nights and sleep is still not happening well. I figured the first night may not because well, it was a pretty bad week at my fathers house and I was wound pretty tight. Last night however I thought it would be different, yesterday was a good relaxing day in a safe place. I went to bed and was able to fall asleep… Woke up not long after from a pretty intense nightmare, which must have been bad when I was asleep because the bed when I woke up looked like people had been wrestling with the sheets all entangled. I was mostly awake for the next 5 hours. I did manage to fall back to sleep, but woke up from a similar nightmare and to have the bed looking the same. It’s frustrating because when I am here I do sleep really well. My body certainly needs sleep, that I do know.

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