25 Jun

After a quite relaxing weekend in a completely safe environment, today started a new week.

While I would like to say it was a regular day, it wasn’t quite. This morning my heart started racing on and off and I felt “weird” for lack of a better word. And then I took the bandage off my leg and realized it was looking worse and was burning. So I ended up in the ER from about 2:30 until 6:30ish. Doctor said that heart was beating extra beats out of rhythm but said it’s normal in some people. Leg is infected. Had a few lab tests come back abnormal but not by high margins. So tomorrow I go for blood work after fasting and I need to followup with primary doc to go on 24 hour heart monitor.

Dad took Joey to arraignment today. For some odd reason he doesn’t qualify for a court appointed attorney so he has to hire one. Not sure where that money will come from. His car is still impounded which in a way is a blessing as he can’t leave the house unless someone comes to get him.

I wish I thought my episode in the ER was a result of anxiety over Joey, but I wasn’t feeling anxious or at least not consciously.


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