4 Jun


The feeling of being overwhelmed set in last night and continued throughout the day today. The feeling of being overwhelmed, under appreciated and taken advantage of sunk in. I realize that some I bring on myself…. Some. Not all.

Last night I just needed down time and expressed that, but it didn’t seem to click in to some.

At work it is going to be an overwhelming week. And it proved itself already today. One of the guys is on vacation this week and he put his out of office on that if anyone needed something to contact me. While typically I would not mind, I am a bit ticked since I was looked over for the position, why should I now “fill in”. And the new guy is just being given “busy work” as no one can train him. I was asked to do so, but respectfully (and I actually was respectful) declined as I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask me to train someone who got the job over me (with less knowledge of our systems than I have).

Enough bitching, will end with positive stuff. Friday night’s service was wonderful. It was the installation service. TDMs husband became president of Temple and gave a wonderful speech. TDM cantered and hearing her sing is such a peaceful experience. I so enjoy the experience of being at synagogue.

Saturday was great, helped out for a grad party. I got to do some photography and worked hard at getting some special shots. Took family shots, took generation shots, took friend shots… It was wonderful, capturing memories. Met lots of nice people and it was a really good day.

Generation shot – L’dor Vador


102 days drug free / 10 days self injury free

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