Monday’s Start to the Week

22 May

Yesterday as I arrived at work, an email came out from our Division President stating to call in to the conference line at 10:30am for a Company meeting via phone for an announcement.  Well, that was at 8:15, so the next 2.5 hours were stressful and anxiety was through the roof all over the place.  Then in walks the CEO of the company, followed by the corporate CFO and the head of the legal department.  By this time we know something huge is about to happen, but aren’t quite sure what. 

10:30 comes, we all call in from our offices.  Our Division President is resigning effective in 10 days.  There was complete silence.  None of us saw it coming.  Fortunately he is resigning under his own power and is not being forced out, which is what has happened in other divisions.  I am thrilled for him and his new opportunities (starting his own business), but am selfishly sad for myself as I have spent 12 years working for him.

The unknown, there is talk about us separating our division back into Maryland and Virginia instead of us staying combined.  That would mean a ton of changes.  Most of which are uncertain. 

My biggest concern at this point is that 3/4 of what I do for my job is directly for the Division President.  And with someone new coming in, will they want the same types of things and where does that put me from a job perspective.  I am trying not to over think things and realize that whatever happens is going to happen regardless of me freaking out or being calm. 

Got home last night and took my preassessment for my next class which starts on June 1st.  Got a C on the preassessment, so I have a lot of work to do to study to get ready for that exam.  This class is 8 credits and consists of one huge exam and 4 papers.  With the news of work stuff, I realized I really need to kick it in high gear to finish my classes.  I have 10 left and really need to try to get as many in this semester as possible. 

Onto the brother issue.  He and dad got in a HUGE fight last Thursday and Joey left the house.  Hasn’t come home since.  He called me on Sunday to ask a question and didn’t sound so great.  He said he would be home that night.  Well he didn’t come home, he didn’t return my calls or texts last night and I could not reach him today (Tuesday) until after 1pm.  He finally texted and said he was okay.  This was after I had called 4 ERs looking for him and had tried to track him down via his facebook friends.  If he had not had such a horrible track record of disappearing and ending up in the ER from crystal meth overdoses or reactions, I probably would not have been so freaked out.  Once he sent the message saying he was okay I told him I was pretty pissed at him for not responding to my messages.  He didn’t really have any sort of response other than he would be home tonight (which I doubt).

Tonight’s plan once I leave work… try to relax and go to bed early!!

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