Quite a week

17 May

It has been a week.

It had some positives. I will reflect on those first.

Sunday, Mother’s Day in Philly walking with 20,000 people, simply amazing. A hard journey but one that brought comfort at the time of tears. The Kauker/Lawrie family and I laughed together and cried together as we remembered our moms. Kristian was interviewed by Fox right before the walk and was asked if he was mad at Komen or Planned Parenthood over the recent debate. Kristian’s response: “I am not mad at Komen. I am not mad at Planned Parenthood. I am mad at cancer for taking our mom.”. He couldn’t have said it any better!!! I finished the whole 5K, something I was not sure I would be able to do because of the way my knee was feeling, but I did it. I didn’t even think about my knee during the walk. I was surrounded by teammates who were walking with a common goal, to find a cure, to remember lives lost, to honor the survivors and to walk with the warriors who were currently battling.

After the walk I headed back to TDMs in Bowie to stay the night and study for my final exam. I stopped and picked up a card for her on the way. Going through the Mothers Day cards was something I had not done for a few years obviously. I found one that said “Like a mom”. Was a little hard to go through the cards, but kind of healing at the same time. Had a good evening with TDM and family and got studying in for my final on Monday.

Had a really good night sleep Sunday night. Monday went to take my final for Organizational Behavior and Leadership. Passed my final. Very pleased. Finished the semester having taken 14 credits and finished with a 3.8. 10 classes left to complete my Bachelors. A year is my goal, an aggressive goal, but obtainable if I buckle down and really focus.

Tuesday back to work. Was crazy busy day. Worked 11 hours. Found out that the new person they hired for the Purchasing Departmrpent not only has no knowledge of our computer systems but also has no Purchasing knowledge. This frustrated me as I was overlooked for the job because I had limited Purchasing knowledge, although I am learning quickly thanks to one member of the dept who has mentored me. I also know our system like the back of my hand, better than the VP of Purchasing as a matter of fact.

Wednesday was a 10 hour day. A frustrating day. Dad called around two to tell me he was going to Micky’s for the night and that Joey was leaving for work, so could I please come home right after work to let Syd out. Of course, not a problem at all. I leave work and as I turn the corner to pull onto my street, what do I see. My brothers car in the driveway… Hmmm… Supposed to be working until 10pm…. Am I surprised, uh not really… Am I pissed, a bit. Come in says he didn’t feel well. Ok, good “excuse”. I take care of Syd. I then go out to meet a wonderful friend for coffee as I needed out of the house and really needed a hug after a few rough days at work. I get home around 10ish and Joey comes to my room and asks for a phone charger for the car. I hand my spare to him, he then states he’s going on a date and leaves. Am I pissed now, uh YES. He gets home sometime around 3am as I am awoken by the door slamming as he got home.

Today, another crazy day at work. Found over $5,000 in overpayments to vendors that the Purchasing guys had made (but remember I am not qualified for the job). Submitted the necessary paperwork to recoup the money from the subcontractors which puts a flag up at corporate that we had overpaid and instead of boss being happy that we are recouping money, it made the department look bad that the error had been made, well I’m sorry, but if we paid money we shouldn’t have shouldn’t we want the money back… Um yes!! My father texts at noon to say he is home and to say Joey is going to work at 1 until 10. I respond with an ok, but I don’t really care. By 3pm I had had enough of the “guys” at work so I went to one of our communities and fixed their computer. I drive home round the corner and joeys car is parked where it was this morning. I just shake my head to myself and actually laugh before getting out of the car. I walk into the house at 4:45 and someone in the house has the f’in balls to ask me why I am home early… Really, did I hear that right?!?!?! I worked 8.5 hours today. Got home before 5 and am asked why I left work early?!?!?! Oh my. I chose not to respond and went up to my room. Unfortunately also found when I got to my room that money had disappeared. I remain silent tonight.

The week has been an emotional roller coaster. Exemplified by the fact that i started my period I am sure. Emotions are all out of whack from that too. I have shed many tears this week due to frustration, hurt, etc. There are other things that have happened this week that are actually still too raw to talk about.

84 days drug free as of today.

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