Eye opening

8 May

After a breakdown this morning over feeling anxious about going to Philly this weekend with my brother, my plans have now changed.

I am going to Bowie on Friday and going to synagogue Friday night and then leaving for Philly on Saturday morning.  (suggested by TDM)  Each time I go to synagogue I feel a sense of peace and am able to start fresh and leave the past week behind.  Something that is especially important going into this weekend.

Sent my brother a text message and an email stating the following, that my plans have changed for this weekend and that basically I was not able to take him with me as I would not be leaving from the house and would not be coming back to the house on Sunday.  I told him he could take a train if he wanted to and that he had stated he had friends up there that he could stay with so I would assume that he could take care of himself.  I did not hear back from him, nor do I really care.  I made my hotel reservation today for Philly for Saturday night and got a room with one bed, so there is not room for him to stay with me (did that intentionally).

Got home from work, dad wanted to drive by Home Depot to see which one Joey worked at (I laughed, but agreed to go).  So we drove to Reston to the Home Depot, drove around the parking lot for 5 minutes, and somehow my father seem legitimately shocked that my brother’s car WAS NOT THERE!!!  I simply laughed at this point.

Came back home had dinner with dad.  Noticed as we were coming in that mom’s rose bushes have bloomed, one of my favorite sights and memories of my mom were and are her rose bushes.  The bushes are completely overgrown, will need to find someone who knows how to take care of rose bushes to help me cut them back in a safe manner.


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