Shabbat Shalom

4 May

What a crazy week.  Emotions up and down.  But despite the ups and downs, my week ended with service at Temple Solel.  And a peaceful evening at that.  Lots of music tonight.  Rabbi, TDM and Gary sang.  Apparently it was a lot of new stuff, but to me it’s all new 🙂

So very peaceful to listen to the music and sing to a few of the songs I knew.  Just listening to the words and also reading the English translations of the ones in Hebrew left me with quite a sense of peace.  Listening to TDM’s voice, truly peaceful.

So despite the business and craziness of the week that just past, tonight I feel a sense of peace.  As Rabbi started the service and told us to take a deep breath in and let it out slowly, I felt as if I was starting anew.  A feeling I am not sure will ever be able to put into words.


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