Nothing much

25 Apr

Nothing much today, same old stuff. big surprise, brother didn’t have his “first day” of work together. Just another lie on his part. Also didn’t go to the court house as he told my father and I last night he was going to do. I came home from a 10 hour work day to find him on the couch watching Alvin and the Chipmunks’ cartoons. The dryer was full of his clothes and had stopped. The washer was full and was stopped. I needed to do laundry for work clothes for tomorrow so I took my stuff down, restarted the dryer full of his stuff as it wasn’t dry. Took his stuff out of the washer and threw it on top of the washer and put my stuff in. When it was dine I threw his dry clothes in a basket and put my stuff in the dryer leaving his wet clean clothes in a pile on top of the wash. Normally I would have compassion and stick his stuff in the dryer or something but I am just burned out by him and don’t feel like doing anything for him. He is a slob, he leaves dishes all over the place, leaves food out, his bedroom smells horrible.

Enough bitching about things that won’t change (at least stop bitching for this entry about it).

Been cramming for my final exam I have on Monday for my leadership and behavioral analysis class. I gave three choices for dates of the exam, 2 of which were about 2 weeks off and my third choice was this Monday. Guess who got their third choice!?!?!?!? So much studying is necessary before Monday. Good news is I am off on Friday and will have a quiet place to study.

Still drug free, still unsuccessful on not cutting.

0.49 miles – 10:20 minutes – Sydney AND
0.54 miles – 9:01 minutes

Knee bugging me tonight so probably won’t go on a walk tomorrow to give it rest plus I’ll be driving to Maryland after work.

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