A new milestone

23 Apr

60 days ago I stopped taking prescription pain killers.  Today marks 60 days clean.  I won’t say it has been easy, I won’t say that I don’t think about using.  What I will say is that I have made it 60 DAYS and will CONTINUE on this drug free life.

I do have other demons that I must conquer that are also unhealthy, but I will take things one step at a time.   I do have other addictive behaviors that are not healthy.  Now that I have reached 60 days with this, tomorrow I will begin to conquer another one of those addictive behaviors and will hope that I can overcome it and continue to add on to my 60 day count drug free.  That addiction would be cutting.  I have finally admitted to myself that this has gotten out of control, something that I thought I had conquered years ago, but came back into play several months ago.  Tomorrow I begin my an attempt to stop.  As weird as it probably sounds to people, cutting actually relieves pain for me.

So I began with a positive note, I will end with a positive note.  Today I officially was changed to Arizona for my 3-Day walk from DC.  I will be WALKING in November in Phoenix.  I will still be crewing in Boston in July.  Now it is time to train and to fundraise.  I sent emails out tonight to family and friends asking for donations.  I did my first “official” training walk tonight.  It was only 1.07 miles and I completed it in 16:50 minutes.  While I know that is not a long or quick walk, it was definitley a start for me and I am proud of myself.  Despite the rain, I went out and walked.  I got off my ass and I walked.  Proud indeed.


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