22 Apr

I went to a synagogue on Friday night in Herndon, it is a Conservative temple, which was a first for me. Mind you my only other experience was at Temple in Bowie with TDM which is a reformed synagogue. As far as first impressions go of reform vs conservative, I think the reform was more of a fit. That being said, I plan on trying both again and some other local synagogues.

Both experiences I found a sense of peace. While I don’t understand Hebrew, it is nice to listen and to read the English translations and every now and again try to sing along to the words I “think” I can pronounce.

Friday night it was about “Do not put a stumbling block in front of a blind man”. ~ Leviticus. Rabbi took this and used this in a real world example out of Britain. There was a woman in Britain who had lost her sight due to complications with diabetes seven years ago. She decided to help pass time that she would write a novel. She had used bands on pages to help her be able to follow the lines on pages and had written the first 26 pages of her novel… The problem? When her son came over and looked at the book he realized that her pen had run out of ink before she had even begun writing. Stumbling block? Yes, the biggest stumbling block that she encountered!! She was clearly upset. Her son however had an idea. With the help of forensics and much time the novel was able to be resurrected. After 5 months her work that she has spent time writing was all able to be recovered.

Trish Vickers overcame a huge stumbling block with what she went thru with the possibility of losing all that work she had put so much time and effort into along with creating a way to be able to write with banding the pages so she could follow the lines.

I think it is amazing that after this huge stumbling block was presented to Trish, that people did all they could to help her recover a piece of what she lost, while they couldn’t give her back her sight, it was shown that people can do amazing things to avoid having stumbling blocks in others lives’. That was part of what I took away from this.

Back to the feeling of going to synagogue. It is nice after a crazy work week to go somewhere and feel a sense of peace. This Friday I will be in Bowie watching TDMs pups and plan on going to Temple Solel. It will be different as I will be going alone this time, but I think it will be good to experience I alone.

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