No penis, no respect

16 Apr

So, here is what I learned today at work. If you don’t have a penis in the department I work in (purchasing) you don’t get included in anything which includes: meetings, meeting new members of the department, the welcome lunch for the new employee, pretty much anything the department does together. I work in a department of now 4 boys, I would say men, but I’m not feeling that they are. I am the only female in the department and not to toot my own horn because I really don’t like to, I know more about the system we use, the company policies, computers and a few other things than 4 of the 5 boys. Only one do I have any respect for, but after today I find myself feeling less respect for even him. I understand that I work in a primarily “male” field, but I have also busted my ass for this company and have been there 12 years and have survived 7 layoffs… That should say something about my commitment and work ethic.

I was sort of hoping that when the boys got back from their welcoming the new boy lunch one of them would ask me to do something to which I had planned my response of “sorry I don’t have a penis and therefore you don’t think I am part of the department so please go ask someone with a penis”. Unfortunately the only request came in a format that the only response I could give without turning around to acknowledge their presence was, “not my job, go ask so in so”.

I was driven to a point of frustration today that brought me to tears. I didn’t show that emotion in front of them, I simply went to my car, cried for a bit, then went back to work.

There have been two instances at work in the last six months that I believe I could have filed sexual harassment against a coworker. But I decided just to ignore the situation and move on. Probably the wrong decision, but to my knowledge I have been the only one to experience it and I just felt it would cause more harm than anything else.

Aside from 1. Not having finished my degree yet AND 2. Not being a fan of change, I would start the search for a new job. Maybe it is time. Maybe.


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