15 Apr

Ok, completely frustrated and overwhelmed.  Bombed my Task 4 assignment for school, trying to figure it out, but can’t seem to wrap my brain around it for some reason.  This is one of the times I don’t like going to school online as I need some one on one instruction I think.  Oh well, maybe it will just miraculously come to me in my sleep or something.  Frustrated for feeling this way.

Knee pain is quite substantial today.  Not sure that is a word you use for pain, but in other words, it fucking hurts.  Having a needle stuck in my knee and moved around to drain the blood was not a pleasant experience that I wish upon my worst enemy.  Doc said to try heat on it to get the blood flowing (I think that was the reason, I know he said heat, I just don’t remember why because, well, I had a needle sticking in my knee).  Heat seems to aggrevate it though and so I have stopped that.  He gave me a prescription for vicoden, I did not fill it, although I feel myself pretty damn close to popping a pill.  Frustrated for feeling this way.

For some reason today, I am missing my ex quite a bit.  Although we recently had not spent a lot of time together, I find myself on a day like today feeling that we may have gone somewhere to take photos.  An activity that she got into while we were together.  Instead, I find myself in bed, with a computer, staring at my homework, in pain and alone.  Frustrated for feeling this way.

Overall feeling, FRUSTRATED!!!

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