Avon vs Komen

5 Apr

I was caught off guard this morning when someone asked me why I supported Komen over Avon.  I stated that I support both organizations, I support any organization that is raising money and awareness to find an end to breast cancer.  I didn’t know that I had to choose a side is what I told this individual.  That threw them off.

I am not sure why people think that you have to support one or the other, I know people who participate in both Avon events and Komen events.  Why do people have to turn everything and anything into a competition?   The only competition breast cancer should be in is in competition with itself to find a cure, that’s it!

This person then asked, well why do you only participate in Komen events then.  My answer was quite simple, I participated in my first 3 Day event knowing one person, I came away with an entire team that became family.  This family and I participate in the 3 Day together, as a family.   I support and donate to people in my life that are doing the Avon walk.  Quite frankly had I been quick enough to register for the Avon walk, I would have been on the crew with some of my family who does both events.  That is my plan for next year, do do an Avon event and a Komen event.  It is not an either/or decision for me.

Because of breast cancer research I got 20 more years with my mom than I would have without it.  That is the bottom line.  There are people out there busting their butts to find a cure.  There are people out there raising money and awareness to find a cure.  All I want is a cure!  I do not anyone else to have to lose a mother to breast cancer.  I don’t want anyone else to lose ANYONE to breast cancer.

So in the words of the Avon slogan, “I’m in it to end it” and in the words of Komen, “Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime” and in the words of my friend Allison, “Let’s cover all our bases for second base”.

My tattoo is shown above.  The top word is my mom’s name “Zoi” which translated means “Life”.  The bottom word “Courage” because that is what my mom had and taught me.  Both in Greek in honor of mom.

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