Adoption Letter

5 Apr

While going through some of my mom’s stuff, I came across the adoption letter my parents received after I was placed with them.  I had seen it before, but I read it over and over again. 

August 16, 1978

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Olson and Lori Ann,

Adopted youngsters often have concerns about their natural parent’s background and the circumstances surrounding their adoption.  In the following letter I have shared the information regarding these areas.

Lori was born on July 3, 1978 at Long Beach Community Hospital in Long Beach, California.  Lori was a healthy baby and weight 7 pounds 2.5 ounces at birth.  The natural mother was 16 years of age when Lori was born.  She was of Caucasian race and of German and Scotch decent.  Physically she was 5’8” tall, weighed 120 pounds, had blue eyes, blonde hair and fair skin.  She had an oval face shape with even facial features.  Currently she was a senior in high school where she achieved excellent academic grades.  Her special interest included the outdoor sports of softball, baseball, swimming, dancing, reading and the Job’s Daughters organization.  In personality she was described as shy until well acquainted, sensitive and intelligent.  She planned to attend college and hoped to teach handicapped children.

In the natural mother’s extended family, she was one of two children born to her parents.  Her younger brother was 6’ tall with brown hair and green eyes.  The mother was 5’6” tall with brown hair, green eyes and was employed as a waitress.  The father was 6’2” tall, had blonde hair, blue eyes and was employed as a sheet metal worker.

The natural father was 17 years of age when Lori was born.  He was of the Caucasian race and of French decent.  Physically he was 6’ tall, weight 190 pounds, had hazel eyes, dark brown hair and olive skin tone.  He was a senior in high school where he had excellent grades.  In addition to school he worked part time.  He hoped to be in the military when he completed school.  His interests included swimming, softball, tennis, racquet ball and Demolay.

He was one of three children in his parent’s family.  One of his siblings was a student and the other in the military.  His father was 6’ tall, had medium brown hair and worked as a warehouseman after completion of a military career.  His mother was 5’7” tall and worked as a teacher’s aid.

The natural parents had dated for a long time but were not married.  When they learned of the pregnancy they decided that they were too young to be good parents and that they still needed to complete many years of school.  Therefore after considerable deliberation they decided that adoption would be the best plan for the baby.  They requested an adoptive family in which the mother would be at home with the child, and that there was some interest in sports.  The parents were told social information about your family and they agreed that this would be a suitable adoptive placement.

On July 12, 1978 we arranged for you to meet Lori in our Long Beach office and formal adoptive placement papers were signed.  Joey welcomed his sister into the family on this day.

I know that you will be available to discuss Lori’s questions as she grows older.  May you find a satisfying and fulfilling future together as a family.

Yours truly,

Ms. Ruth D. Gezelius

Child Welfare Worker

First photo of me with my family:

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