26 Mar

A fellow 3-Day teammate recently sent me a message and the title was “random”… it said, “if you had not said something about being adopted I would have never known, are you sure your brother and you are not blood related and are you sure you are adopted, you all look alike”.  It by no means was taken more than just a laugh, the fact is, we do look alike, my brother and I have the same olive skin tone and same eye color.  Our skin color matches our adoptive mom and our eye color matches my adoptive father’s.

 My adoption is something I have really come to terms with over the years.  The only part that really truly still bothers me is having my records sealed and not being able to get medical history.  That and maybe the fact that I would like to have a photo of what my biological parents look like.  The hardest thing for me now is not having that medical history and knowing what runs in the family.  Everytime I get sick or don’t feel good my mind automatically goes to the worst thing possible as I don’t know if maybe something runs in the family.  When I felt the lump in my breast in August I surely did freak out.  While I don’t know if breast cancer runs in my biological family, I do know that I watched my adoptive mom go through it and so I was pretty scared.  I just did my 6 month follow up and there was no change which is a huge relief, I will continue to watch and followup as necessary to make sure it remains that way.  I guess my point is, it would be nice to have those sort of answers so that I didn’t have to play the what if game and so when doctors keep asking if it runs in the family I don’t have to continually say I don’t know, I am adopted.  I wish they would just write ADOPTED in big letters on the front of my file so they would stop asking!!!

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