Who am I?

23 Mar

Who am I?  A question I have been asking myself for years, but never have taken the time to sit and come up with an answer until now.
I am the writer.  The one who finds it much easier to communicate in the written form and is able to express ones self better on paper.  Some call that being an introvert, I call it being safe.
I am the athlete.  Or was until 10 knee surgeries.  Enjoying being good at something and striving to be better, sports was always my thing.
I am the softball coach who teaches your young ones how to play who have never played the game before.  Teaching them to love the game and teaching them that whether win or lose, as long as they have fun, it is well worth it!
I am the student.  Changing majors more often then I can remember.  Having the goal in mind of finishing my bachelor’s by the age of 35.  Bachelors in what is still up in the air, changing my mind every other day.
I am the bicyclist.  Riding and having the wind blow across my face and trying to take in all of the beauty in the world.  Being by myself, engulfed in my thoughts without any interruption other than the occasional car.
I am a person lost in their faith.  It is the piece I feel missing from my life that I am now searching to find.
I am the compassionate giver.  When seeing a troubled friend, I will do everything in my power to help them anyway I can.  It has been said that I tend to look after others better than I look after myself.
I am the handy-woman who enjoys fixing almost anything.  Enjoy building new things and taking things apart to see how they work and then being able to put them back together… anything that allows me to have tools in hand.
I am the confused lesbian.   Confused about how any person could judge another person because of their sexual orientation.  Sometimes confused if I truly feel I was born this way, or if it is because of the bad things that happened in the past.
I am the rainbow behind the clouds.  Only peaking out to show my true colors to those I completely trust and care about.
I am the photographer who dreams of doing photography professionally for a big time magazine or newspaper.  Being able to capture the moment through photography is amazing to me.  Having had a horrible day and just being able to pick up a camera to get out of a funk.
I am the one who holds things inside until my emotions explode and then share just enough to help me get through the explosion and then quickly bottle up the rest, not wanting to burden others with what is on my mind.
I am sure there is more to me then the mess I have written above…

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