Pink War

22 Mar
In the midst of a pink civil war. But, instead of guns and death, we are faced with hurtful words, conflicting stories, conflicting numbers, conflicting facts, misinformed people, uninformed people. And like the American Civil War, we are faced with family against family, friend against friend, sister against sister and believe it or not, still death.
My heart aches reading all the posts both for and against Komen and for and against Planned Parenthood.  It aches because I know what Komen does for women around the WORLD and around this country.  I know what Planned Parenthood does in this country.  I stand for both Komen for what they do to help women and Planned Parenthood for what they do to educate and help women.  But you know what?  My heart aches for something else.  Something that has been lost in this civil war.  The remembrance of what the fight against Breast Cancer is.  See the photo attached to this post?  This is a photo that will NEVER happen again.  This is what we have to remember.  This is the reason why we fight.  This is the reason why we must stand together… not apart.

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